FSF Rifleman

An FSF rifleman, is the most fundamental element of our combat power. The proficiency a player demonstrates is a key factor in the survival of yourself, your fireteam, and your squad. Every person plays a role in the bigger picture, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. Our aim is to make even our weakest link into a skilled player.

FSF Fireteams

Fireteams are the most fundamental combat elements of our platoon structure. The key aspect of our organization is that of closely-knit teams-a rifleman by himself is not effective as a group of four players working as one cohesive unit. Fireteams look out for their own members as well as those of their fellow fireteams. They are the tip of the spear.

FSF Squad

The FSF rifle squad is formidable force on the battlefield. Consisting of two fireteams of six players, and a squad leader element of two players, this 14-player unit is able to have a significant impact on the flow of a battle. Squads consist of an impressive array of firepower, and are just as well-rounded as the fireteams that they are composed of.

“Cohesion is a bond of relationships and motivational factors that make a team want to stay and work together.”
(Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-22 Army Leadership)