Frontline Strike Force Load Out


FSF recommends the use of US or NATO issue weaponry for your primary weapon, specifically the M4/M16 variant or other weapons that utilize the standard M4 magazine. Using the same weapon platform has several advantages:

  • • Sharing of magazines while in the field
  • • Variants all have the same components and functionality allowing shared knowledge/experience and swapping of weapons in the field
  • • Squad uniformity
  • • Most FSF team members use real steel versions of the M4 for 3 Gun competitions and our police and military members both use the M4 at work

If you choose not run with an M4 variant then you are required to have at least 6 primary mid-capacity magazines for your weapon and will be required to familiarize yourself with the basics of the M4 platform.

Exceptions to the recommended primary weapon platform are made for SAW gunners and snipers. The recommended SAW platforms are the M249 and M60. The only requirement for a sniper platform is that it must be physically incapable of firing in full-auto and weapons used by the US military are preferred.

FSF requires everyone to carry a sidearm, some events we attend require use of pistols only while indoors. The platform that you choose for your sidearm is your choice but recommended platforms are preferred.

All team members are required to carry at least one backup battery and 2 adapters. This allows other team members to loan you a battery (and vice versa) in the field if necessary. For example, if your weapon has a small Tamiya connector then you would carry a small Tamiya to large Tamiya and a small Tamiya to Deans adapter. You should plan to have at least 4000-4500mah in battery power for a one day event.

FSF Rifleman

Primary: M4/M16 Variant – 400 FPS Max
Sidearm: 1911, Glock variants, USP, XDM, SIG 226/9 – 400 FPS Max
Magazines: Minimum 6 mid-capacity magazines (prefer 10), 1 spare sidearm magazine, 1 speed loader
Grenade: At least one of the following; Tornado, Thunder B Sound, Sport Smoke Grenade

FSF Automatic Rifleman (SAW Gunner)

Primary: M249 or M60 – 450 FPS Max
Sidearm: 1911, Glock variants, USP, XDM, SIG 226/9 – 400 FPS Max
Magazines: 1 box magazine and 1 backup, 1 high-capacity M4 magazine (M249), 1 spare sidearm magazine, 1 speed loader
Grenade: At least one of the following; Tornado, Thunder B Sound, Sport Smoke Grenade

FSF Sniper/DMR

Primary: Prefer US military platforms, semi-auto only – 450 FPS Max
Sidearm: 1911, Glock variants, USP, XDM, SIG 226/9 or back carried M4 variant – 400 FPS Max
Magazines: Minimum 2 mid-capacity magazines, 2 spare sidearm magazines, 1 speed loader
Optics: Functioning Scope or binoculars


FSF’s primary BDU pattern is Vietnam Tiger Stripe. However, due to differing requirements for each individual event we also have solid OD green, Woodland, 3 Color Desert and Desert Vietnam Tiger Stripe. You don’t have to have all 5 but if you wish to attend an event you will be required to acquire the necessary uniform required for that event.



You must have combat boots or footwear approved for use by US military forces. Preferred color is black or Sage Green.


FSF patches are issued to members when they join. The team patch must be on your left shoulder, centered on the arm pocket. Nametapes must match the uniform, and the wording for your Team nametape should be “FRONTLINE” in all caps. Your Team nametape must be centered over your left breast-pocket, folded under to match the width of the pocket. It should be angled just like the pocket. Your call-sign nametape should be on your right breast-pocket in the same fashion. You will also need a call-sign nametape with Velcro for your ID/Admin panel on your tactical gear. You will need a reverse US Flag in OD/Tan or a reverse Texas flag for right shoulder and a US Flag in full color for the ID/Admin panel on your tactical gear. Merica!



We have 4 choices for headgear, headgear must match the color of uniform we are wearing for a given event.
Helmet: MICH 2000/1 or FAST type
Ballcap: OD Green and Coyote Brown Under Armour fitted cap
Boonie: Green and 3 Color Desert
Beanie: Green and Coyote Brown

Tactical Vest/Plate Carrier/Belt

The only requirement other than having one is that it must be OD green or Coyote brown, black is not allowed. We prefer and recommend the Condor Gunner Plate carrier or any LBT6094 style plate carrier. Your rig should be optimal for carrying extra magazines, extra BBs, water, a spare battery, dead rag, speed loader, elec. tape, a radio, pen/paper and rations.

Required attachments

Minimum 4-6 primary magazine pouches, Radio pouch, hydration (1 Liter minimum), ID/Admin panel, IFAK pouch, Utility pouch

Recommended attachments

One point bungee sling, sidearm magazine pouch, magazine dump pouch, grenade pouch, carabiner clips, long zip ties, VIP light, map pouch, pistol lanyard, IR Strobe


Every team member must have a GMRS radio and it is recommended to have some type of earbud setup with a mic and PTT. Preferred radio models are the Midland GXT1000VP4 or Baofeng UV5R/GT3 Mark III. If you are using a headset then the preferred model is the Comtac/Sordin variants or an EVO III variant.

All team members must have a watch with a timer/stop watch function. Most events have a bleed-out time so having a watch makes tracking this time easy and accurate/fair. Additionally, we may coordinate attacks based on time if we are operating under radio silence. A recommended watch is the Casio G-Shock 6900 model.

All team members should have a small compass for orientation when moving through unfamiliar terrain.

All team members must have a weapon or head mounted flashlight when attending night or CQB events.


All eyewear must be full seal and ANSI compliant. Some recommended styles are Smith Optics Boogie, Oakley, Bolle, ESS and Wiley X. Having a good clear set of goggles/glasses that do not fog is critical to safety and effectiveness.

Other than buying good quality optics it is highly recommended that you clean and apply some type of anti-fog protection on your goggles to prevent fogging. If you have a fan on your goggle then this won’t be as much of an issue but it still recommended as a second layer of protection. We recommend Clarity Defog It.

Other Required/Recommended Items
FSF emphasizes and encourages all team members to be self-sufficient and have all required equipment and accessories to maintain your weapon, charge batteries/radios and have extra BBs, food, AA/AAA/9V batteries, water and anything else you may need. This not only allows you as an individual to be wholly prepared but allows you to loan/assist a team mate an item if they are having issues and vice versa.

Back Up Weapon

It is recommended that in addition to your primary weapon and sidearm that you have a backup primary weapon in case your primary has technical issues that cannot be fixed on-site. Airsoft weapons can be problematic and if you play long enough you will end up having to resort to your backup at some point

Weapon Case/Bag

It is required by law in some locations to transport your airsoft weapons in a case and we highly recommend that you store and transport your weapons in a case.

Dead/Red Rags

Make sure that you have at least 2 red dead rags on your body at all times while on the field. You should also have a couple extra in your supplies to replace lost ones. You can also purchase dead rag holders like the Elite Force Dead Rag Pouch.


Whether you choose open finger or closed finger it is recommended that you wear a pair of gloves in the field. There are numerous options available, we recommend the Mechanix brand.

Battery Charger

If your weapon is an AEG you will need a good quality smart charger and a power inverter that plugs into an auto lighter port for recharging on-site at an event.

Propane and Adapter

If you have a gas powered pistol then you will need a small propane tank and a propane adapter or a can of green gas to fill your magazines.

Weapon Maintenance

You should have all the tools you need to fix and maintain your weapon and equipment. Some items that you should have are: Allen wrench set, screwdrivers, pliers, needle nose pliers, electrical tape, scissors, cleaning rod, silicone spray, pocket knife, and zip ties.

Ammunition and Loader

You should you come to the event with or ensure that you can purchase enough BBs to last the entire event. Almost all events require Bio-BBs so ensure that the BBs you bring with you meet the event requirements. We run with mid-capacity magazines only, so you will need a speed loader to reload your magazines in the field.

Other Miscellaneous Items

Folding chair, first-aid kit, aspirin, band-aids, extra socks, hand towel, wet wipes, hand warmers and a small cooler.